Pizza, Games, and Movies

This weekend the wife and I invited two of the kids to come and spend the weekend with us. It has been a while since they came to visit and they were being missed, so we drove to Cartersville to pick them up.

Of course, it would be rude to drive all the way there and not offer to take them out to lunch, so we did just that. The place of choice? The pizza buffet at Cici’s Pizza! I am a big fan of the Cici’s menu and price. The restaurant was very well maintained and had very friendly staff. It was a great experience despite the fact I always eat more than I should.


Afterwards, we made our way back to Atlanta.

Arriving back at our house, the kids settled in and made some furniture adjustments to accommodate their laptops – The kids and my wife used to play games off and on over the years, that is once the kids turned into your typical teenage internet enthusiast. Kids’ favorites? Minecraft.  I generally do not play Minecraft, I am more of a Final Fantasy XIV guy, but even I joined in on the fun and gave everyone a good laugh.

moana_ver5Later it was a night filled with a few movies. As we all sat together in the living room watching Disney’s Moana, and I sang the praises of Dwayne Johnson’s performance and character, I smiled. Times like these are occurring less and less, but when they do, I always smile.

I look forward to the next time we can have a memorable moment.

Non vedo l’ora.

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