Why Wisconsin?

A year ago, this month, I was excited about walking across the stage for my bachelor degree, but also nervous because I had no plans for my future. I had attempted many times to get an internship. I went through many interviews, all of which left me with the same end, no leads and unemployment. With no set plans for the future of my career, or where I would go from that point?

I was in a state of uncertainty. That was until I received a call about a 6 month, post-graduation, co-op term out-of-state. 

The Offer 

I was definitely excited but also worried because this was not a full-time or part-time position. Should I continue to search for a job? Should I take the co-op? Maybe I should settle for a local job and continue to wait? Many more questions circled around my mind. I looked to my wife for understanding and help since this would be a decision that would affect us both.

After much discussion, we decided to the risk and move out-of-state to Atlanta, Georgia.

 The Risk 

We packed our home and headed to Atlanta. The move was quick, happened in under 3 weeks. I would work for 6 months, while my wife had no job. Working in healthcare, she was able to find work in Atlanta rather quickly at a local hospital.

Months later, we had caught up on bills left over from the move.  We were in a good place. Things were going well. Something that would come to an end. I was reaching the end of the 6-month term. What would happen? Where would I work?

I was once again left in a state of uncertainty as I continued to search for a full-time position.

A Beacon of Hope 

That was when things took a turn, a turn in a way I had never really expected. As the end of my term was approaching, my manager came to me and asked if I would be interested in extending my term. This extension would allow me to train the two new students arriving for the fall term. Of course, I agreed. This was a great chance to teach others and keep myself employed while I continued the employment search.

At Long Last

A few weeks into my extended term I received a phone call from the corporate office. At long last, I was being offered a permanent position! It was a surreal moment for me as I listened to all the details of the offer. Not only would this be the full-time position I had looked for, but it would be a positive move in my life.

Wisconsin or Bust

I accepted the offer. Once more my wife and I began packing our home. This move we would head to the far North. Wisconsin. This time of year, winter will prove to be a challenge for us as we have lived in the Southeast for nearly two decades.

As we write this new chapter in our lives, it is astonishing to me how many things have changed since I walked across that stage a year ago.

Good things will happen if you take the risks and work hard for them.

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