Moved In

My wife and I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our U-Pack moving trailer to arrive at our new home in Wisconsin. Well, that day came just before noon on Wednesday.


The snow was falling, as it apparently does regularly in Wisconsin during this time of year, but this did not deter two Southeast people. For five hours in a snowstorm, we unload our belongings through the snowfall and over icy sidewalks. The temperature dropped into the single digits, and our stomachs reminded us that we needed to stop for the day. After our break, we unpacked items from the boxes inside before calling it a night.

The next morning I was back outside shoveling snow (this is a daily routine). We unloaded the remaining items from the trailer, swept it out, and called for it to be picked up. Finally, everything we own was inside our new home, a majority still residing in boxes. So for the next few hours, we began to tackle different rooms, unpacking and placing things in their proper spots.

Two days later we have almost everything unpacked and in its place. Our new home is coming along and looking more like a home than a storage warehouse.


Living Room



We even managed to make time to buy our dog a new holiday sweater!

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