Mulberry Lane Farm

Over the weekend the wife and I took a trip to the Mulberry Lane Farm to see the baby animals. The weather was cloudy, windy, and wet so I put on a jacket and some boots and off we went. The drive was not too far from the house and gave us plenty of time to enjoy the farmland outside of the city limits. The farm was not very crowded at all due to the weather, but the animals did not seem to mind as they continued to frolic around the farm, quite playful and muddy.

As we visited each grouping of animals, we played with the babies and gave plenty of pets to any animals that were willing to receive, except the turkeys. The turkeys did not want to be near people. As we made our way from enclosure to enclosure, the weather became slightly damper and a light mist was starting to grow in the air.

Despite the increasingly gloomy day, we had a fantastic time with all the baby animals and left with a smile.

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