Might Switch to a Hosting Plan

Currently, I run two other sites alongside the TJ Files: NotGreatWithWords and ThriftyDuo. For months I have struggled to find a theme that would display the content I want while providing the functionality I desire. I have had a hosting plan before, not through WordPress, but with GoDaddy. I left GoDaddy due to the extremely…

Google’s New Calender

Everyone likes to remain organized and what better way to remain organized than to schedule meetings, reminders, and events both on the desktop and the phone? If you, like myself, hold a desk job, then scheduling meetings, projects, and reminders are part of your daily routine.

Pizza, Games, and Movies

This weekend the wife and I invited two of the kids to come and spend the weekend with us. It has been a while since they came to visit and they were being missed, so we drove to Cartersville to pick them up.